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Food Bandsaw Blades

Food Processing

Munkfors has long been a world leader in bandsaw blades for beef, pork and frozen fish processing markets. The hallmark of Munkfors is its unique process of profile grinding. The durability and consistency of the Munkfors blades yield you productivity and performance that you can rely upon.

Teeth Forming - Profile Grinding

To make the teeth top quality, Munkfors uses its own unique, patented method of "profile grinding". Compared to milled teeth, it gives an extremely sharp and durable edge. As a result, the patented profile ground blades cut cleaner, produce less material waste and last longer.

Munkfors has more than 50 years of successful manufacturing of high quality bandsaw blades. This experience, combined with Kenne-Saw & Supply Co.’s service and application knowledge, are your guarantees for top class service and reliable support.

Product range:

   Boneless Cutting

Boneless Meat Processing requires a blade engineered and manufactured with great precision. The exacting standards and process capabilities of Munkfors yield tremendous results. The cutting difference of our “CVX – Convex” blade is seen in the appearance and shelf life of the meat when compared to the traditional scallop styled blades. The hardened edge stays sharp longer giving you even more value. The CVX blade is excellent for your Case Ready cutting requirements.

Available: 5/8” x 0.020” x CVX; Standard Lengths

   Frozen Fish Processing

Munkfors’ precision set and sharpness, combined with world class robotic welding, produces frozen fish processing blades that minimize waste and maximize yield. High quality steel combined with tooth tipped hardening adds life, resulting in increased uptime of your cutting process.

Available: 5/8” x 0.014” x 3TPI or 5/8 x 0.016 x 3TPI; Standard Lengths

Complete Line-up of Blades




Munkfors has the full range of precision blades for all your food bandsaw processing needs from carcass splitting to case ready, including bread slicing – reciprocating and band.

Available: Standard dimensions

Product Packaging:

Our packaging is engineered for safe handling and effective storage.  From your warehouse or storeroom to the cutting floor and ultimately onto your machine, your blades can be stored and transported with ease and safety.  Also, our packaging method reduces your warehouse storage requirements by 75% over traditional packing methods.  Note the illustration:  Blades are individually wrapped, bundled and packed in an ultra thin box of five and then case packed in a master carton of fifty.  The dimension of the case of 50 is 15” wide by 19” deep by 9” high.  The thin inner box dimension is 14.8” W x 18.8”D x ¾”H.