Bandsaw Blades for the Straightest Cut !

Kenne-Saw & Supply Co. provides wood bandsaw blades for the pallet resaw and portable sawmill markets.

Engineered with sharp teeth and the highest-quality welding process, our bandsaw blades work even in the toughest conditions – and at competitive pricing.

Standard Tooth Blades

DeckDuster® Blades


Why use Kenne-SAW & Supply Co?

Durability & Consistency

Using a patented method of profile grinding, Munkfors blades have a top-quality precision edge especially when compared to other tooth forming methods. What does this mean for you? High Feed Rates, Straight Cuts & Long Blade Life.

Productivity & Performance

Sharp right out of the box, Kenne-Saw & Supply Co blades lead the pack when it comes to blade performance. This means you can count on high yields, reliability, and minimal downtime.  Words like Consistent, Strong Welds, and Dependability are our commitment to help you achieve the most out of your saw.

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Expertise & Service Commitment

For over 20 years we have provided our customers with reliable productivity from the blades we sell. Kenne-Saw & Supply Co.’s offers not only the best technology, but we also work hard to build a long-term service relationship with our customers.