Wood Bandsaw Blades

Through our special manufacturing partnership, our high-performance blades outperform most other brands on the market. The benefits are less downtime, less inspecting for faults, and longer runs. All of these translate to lower costs and less labor for you.

wood cutting band saw blades

Pallet Resaws and Portable Sawmills

Kenne-Saw & Supply Co. has partnered with Munkfors to develop the fastest growing line of bandsaw blades for the pallet resaw and portable sawmill markets. The hallmark of these blades is their engineering for consistently high results and profile grinding.

Teeth Forming Using Profile Grinding

To make the teeth top quality, Munkfors uses its a patented specified method of “profile grinding”. Compared to milled teeth it gives an extremely sharp and durable edge. As a result, the patented profile-ground blades cut cleaner, produce less material waste and last longer.

Munkfors has more than 50 years of successful manufacturing of highquality bandsaw blades. This experience, combined with Kenne-Saw & Supply Co.’s service and application knowledge, are your guarantees for top class service and reliable support. Ready to order?

sharp and durable edge bandsaw blades
dismantle band saw blades

Dismantle Blades

Kenne-Saw & Supply Co. has leveraged its available manufacturing processes to offer a blade for the pallet recycle industry. We have engineered a blade that is designed to handle the rougher environment and stresses found in the pallet dismantling process. This blade will definitely give great results in your plant.